Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Top 5 Media and Broadcasting Companies in India: Part-2

6. HT Media

HT Media Ltd is India’s 2nd largest print media company in terms of daily circulation. It is popular for Hindustan Times newspaper.
The company is a subsidiary of Hindustan Times Ltd, which also has subsidiaries such as Hindustan Media Venture Limited, HT Music and Entertainment Company Limited, HT Digital media Holding Limited,HT Global Education , HT Burda media Limited, HT Digital media Holding Limited , ED world Private limited, HT Media Ltd.

7. Entertainment Network (India) Ltd. (ENIL)

Entertainment Network (India) Ltd is one of the popular Entertainment and Media companies in India.
The company is majorly known for its radio broadcasting across the country under the brand name – Radio Mirchi. They are also into the event management and out-of-hoe media businesses under the brands ‘360 degree’ and ‘Times Out-of-home Media’ respectively.

8.TV Today Network

TV Today Networks (TVTN) Ltd is one of the leading English and Hindi news television networks.
It was incorporated on December 28, 1999. They were the first Indian broadcasters to uplink from India, a 24 hour Hindi news channel. It is largely owned by Living Media Inc, which also publishes one of India’s top weeklies, India Today. It consists of popular news channels such as Aaj Tak,, Headlines Today, Tez(Hindi), Business Today(English) and Dilli Aaj Tak.  Aaj Tak has been the recipient of the Indian Television Academy Awards for Best News Channel for record 12 years in a row.

9. TV18 Broadcast Ltd

IBN18 Broadcast Ltd is an Indian based company, into the business of broadcasting, telecasting, relaying and transmitting general news programs.
It was incorporated in 2005 as Global Broadcast News Pvt Ltd .The Company also operates 24-hour news channel CNN IBN and IBN 7. The major operation of the company is in media and entertainment industry.
The company also owns an internet news portal, www.ibnlive.com. The news, as well as videos are available on the website and also provide news alerts through SMS,etc. The ibnkhabar.com is the Hindi online platform for IBN7 and plays similar role as ibnlive.com.

10.  PVR
PVR Limited is the most popular Multiplex Cinema Exhibition Company in India.
It is incorporated in the year 1995. It has the largest number of screens (more than 500) and is also the first to establishing the first multiplex cinema in India. It earns its revenues from cinema broadcasting, advertisements and sale of food and beverages in multiplex premises.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Top 5 Media and Broadcasting Companies in India: Part-1 

1. Zee Entertainment Enterprises

It was incorporated in the year 1982 and was previously known as Zee Telefilms Ltd. It is among the largest producers and aggregators of Hindi programs in the world. It also owns rights to more than 3000 movie titles and it has a presence worldwide with over 500 million viewers across 167 countries.

2. Sun TV Network

SunTV Network Limited is India’s second largest television network and has 20 popular TV channels, 41 FM Radio Stations, 2 Daily Newspapers and 4 Magazines in several Indian languages.
It was incorporated in 1985. It originally began as a Tamil channel network and later expanded to other south Indian languages- Malayalam,Telugu and Kannada. 

3. DB Corp Ltd
DB Corp Ltd is known for its flagship newspapers - Dainik Bhaskar, Divya Bhaskar, Dainik Divya Marathi, Business Bhaskar, DB Star, DB Gold, DNA(on franchisee basis) and Saurashtra Samachar.
It was incorporated in the year 1995 as Multi-Tech Energy Ltd. The company also produces monthly magazine Aha Zindagi, Bal Bhaskar, Young Bhaskar to cater to different age groups. It has one of the largest newspaper production and distribution network in India, with installed capacity of approximately 1.94 million copies per hour.

4. Jagran Prakasham
Jagran Prakashan Limited (JPL), was born in 1975 and is majorly into publisher business.
It is engaged in printing and publishing Jagran Prakashan Limited (JPL), magazines, journals and media related businesses.The company has also acquired popular newspapers such as ‘Dainik Jagran’ in Kanpur,Gorakhpur,etc. It launched the website www.jagran.com in 1997 for various purposes.

5. Eros International Media Ltd
Eros International Media Ltd, a part of the Eros Group, was incorporated in 1994 as a private limited company with the name Rishima International Pvt Ltd.
It is a global player within the Indian media and entertainment sector. It has offices in India, UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, etc. and earns revenues through various businesses such as home entertainment, theatres, television and digital new media.

Monday, 20 June 2016

14 Things That Successful People Share

1. They know when to stay and when to leave. 
2. They are willing to fail in order to eventually succeed. 
3. They know that they make their own luck. 
4. They are life-long learners who push themselves out of their comfort zones.
5. They take accountability for themselves and their actions.
6. They make change instead of being affected by it.
7. They do more than what’s asked of them. 
8. They know who they are and their place in the world.
9. They are more excited about the journey than the pay out.
10.They can communicate their story effectively.
11. They set real goals that they can accomplish
12. They create instead of just consume.
13. They are able to adjust to changes in the marketplace.
14. They ask the right questions to the people who can deliver the right answers.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


1. Determination
Finishing a story may not always be easy or safe, but good journalists show strong determination to report such events to the world. If journalists were to give up on a story every time a situation felt dicey or an imperative piece of information was difficult to obtain, many important world events would have gone unmentioned.

You should take a good look at your motivation and work ethic in times when your determination is challenged. For even the smallest news stories, a strong determination to do your job to the best of your ability can not only make you a better reporter, but also lead to career advancements and industry recognition in the future.
2. Goal-Oriented
The ability to be goal-oriented and think in terms of the distant future is another important trait of exceptional journalists. Did you think that your favorite new writers earned those bylines without hard work and sacrifice? Many good journalists work their butts off in college, sacrifice time with their families and risk incurring the wrath of the public throughout their careers. But each of these obstacles must be handled and overcome by anyone who is looking ahead to the final goal.
If you’re an up-and-coming journalist in college, spend your personal time or even weekends dedicating yourself to your craft. If you’re an experienced reporter, take some time to evaluate your goals and maybe even set some new ones. With clear and meaningful goals in front of you for motivation, you’ll be able to work around any life obstacle to get what you want in the end.
3. Passionate
Having a passion for both your work and life is one of the most recognizable traits of all great journalists. Whether that passion is for justice, health, technology or education, passion is what fuels journalists to pour their hearts and souls into a story—it ensures that the finished product is the best and most informative article possible.
If you haven’t been feeling very passionate about your work lately, take some time to revisit the moment when you knew you wanted to be a journalist. Why did you choose this career path? How did you hope to contribute to the field? Breathe some new life into your journalistic passion, and try to find new ways to do this every so often. Keeping your passion alive is just one significant way your career and work can flourish.
4. Open-Minded
As every journalist knows, you won’t always get to write about topics you like or care for. On the flip side, you’ll sometimes have to write about topics that you care for too much. Good journalists are able to subdue their personal biases in both of these instances and create an objective and informative article for every type of reader.
For many of us, deeply political and moral issues strike a strong chord in our personal beliefs. We naturally want to show others why our views of such matters are correct but, for the journalist, such self-satisfying behavior can be negative to your career’s outcome. It’s important to always ask yourself, Am I looking at this from both sides? Am I displaying biased writing in any way?  If you can, have a friend with an opposite stance on an issue proofread your article before you submit it to your editors. Being more open-minded is a much-needed way to improve the quality of your journalism.
5. Optimistic 
Exceptional journalists all seem to share an optimistic view of the world. This character trait is both necessary and helpful for the career of any serious journalist, because it helps you maintain motivation in the face of terrible tragedies. An optimistic worldview is also incredibly useful for creating viral articles because optimistic content generates more interest and shares on social networks than negative content. 
If your beat doesn’t exactly provide the most optimistic news stories to write about, that’s okay. Don’t consciously try to bias your articles into sounding more positive than they are. Just don’t let negative news get you down, and give your readers hope when it’s appropriate.
In the end, you can only be as good of a journalist as you try to be. If you’re dedicated to continually bettering yourself as a journalist, you can use these five character traits to boost your morale and maybe even your career.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Top 10 Social Media Jargons you need to know right now!

Here’s something interesting that will urge the media students  to check out the post! We have listed few such lesser known jargons of Social media that you definitely need to know right now.

1. Broadcast Syndication
The process in which television and radio programs are licensed by multiple radio stations and televisions, particularly without going through a broadcast network.
Syndication is more common in the United States than the rest of the world.
2. Search Engine Optimization
Everyone wants their website to appear closer to the top of search engine rankings. SEO is the process of organizing your website to give it the best chance for it.

3. Synergy
Synergy is, simply the teamwork or the coordination between the teams of the online companies.

4. Tweeps                                         
Twitter + People = Tweeps

5. Link Bait
It is designed specially to allure or attract the incoming links. News and widget hooks can be termed as the best examples of the link bait.

6. Traffic!
Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! 

Traffic refers to the visitors of any particular website and it is all that is
talked about these days.

7. Social Graph

The diagram of the interconnections between the people, with the people.

8. Vlogging
Not to be confused with “flogs”, which means fake blogs. Vlogging refers to video blogging. The contents of the blogs contain creative or any sort of videos.

9. Microblogging

The extreme short blog posts are popularly known as Micro blogging. Twitter can be termed as the best example of Micro blogging.

10. Podcast

An audio program in a compressed digital format, which is designed to be listened to over the web. 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

India's Five Best Journalists in Current Date

1. Arnab Goswami
The most popular journalist of India is Arnab Goswami in the present times. Politics and current affairs hold his primary interests. He has a live telecasted debate on Times Now at 9 pm every night. He has authored a book to combat terrorism and is well known for par excellence awards in the field of journalism.

2. Arun Shourie 

Not so much in action,  editor of Indian Express, Arun Shourie has proved his worth over the fans and audiences of the news media owing to his excellent journalistic attitude for his work. Author of many books. The international Press Institute has named one of the 50 Heroes of Freedom World Press as well.

3. Swapan Dasgupta

The most famous of the best contemporary journalist of India, Swapan Dasgupta is a journalist with right-wing attitudes. He is one of the most sought for panelists of the small screen as well. Swapan Dasgupta authors for a zillion journals.

4. Kanchan Gupta
The infamous advisory role that Kanchan Gupta provided for the PMO of the ruling government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee at his time of government is immense. Mr Gupta writes on politics and current affairs of the nation as well. One of the best sarcastic and wry journalists of India, Kanchan is straight, direct and intelligent. 

5. Sucheta Dalal
One of the most sought after and reliable financial journalists, Ms Dalal seems to be tailor made for all arrears of journalism. She runs a web magazine by the title Moneylife that has helped most people, she is also one of the boards of directors for Consumer Education and Research Centre situated in Ahemdabad.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lesser Known Tourists Spots in India- Part III

Paradise of Nature :  Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong is the village located in the east khasi hills district of Meghalaya. It is

situated 90 km from Shillong along the India-Bangladesh border. The total population of

the village counts 500 as per the surveys of June 2015 and the literacy rate is unbelievable which count 100%.  

Every villager is literate and has great fluency in their English language. It is on of the

hottest tourist attraction which is also known as ‘The God’s own garden”. This place is

considered to be the smallest hill station in India and also been termed as the cleanest village of Asia.

Beauty of Nature:

On the way to this place, the experiences of the travellers are magnificent. The hills are
covered with lush greenery forest floated with white and grey clouds.

Bonding of Human and Nature:

  • People there; follow their tradition by keeping their surroundings clean.
  • Dustbins are made up of bamboo stems, which is provided wherever required.
  • Use of polyethylene bags and smoking is banned in this village.
  •  The dumping grounds are the major reason behind their cleanliness. This cleaning tradition has been followed and passed over by the forefathers of the village.
Source of Income:
  • Main source of income is agriculture.
  •  Main crop is beetle nut.
  •  Other agricultural production includes production of Orange, Pineapple, Litchi and Jackfruit.

Tourist attraction:

  • Sky view: Made up of bamboo, which measures 85 feet; on top of which you’ll get a clear view of Bangladesh. This village also has their tropical garden, in which we can see exceptional flowers blooming.
  • Waterfalls: The waterfall is clean and natural. Adding a pinch to the scenic beauty, the waterfall is situated in the open greenery and covered with trees and mountains.
  •  Living Root Bridges: The bridges are made up of living tree.
  • Balanced Rock: There are large rocks balancing upon the small ones and it is said that, the Buddhism followers tend to meditate over these rocks.
Most Interesting facts:

  • Women are the ones who hold all the economic powers.
  •  The youngest daughter inherits the family’s wealth and property.