Sunday, 12 June 2016

Top 10 Social Media Jargons you need to know right now!

Here’s something interesting that will urge the media students  to check out the post! We have listed few such lesser known jargons of Social media that you definitely need to know right now.

1. Broadcast Syndication
The process in which television and radio programs are licensed by multiple radio stations and televisions, particularly without going through a broadcast network.
Syndication is more common in the United States than the rest of the world.
2. Search Engine Optimization
Everyone wants their website to appear closer to the top of search engine rankings. SEO is the process of organizing your website to give it the best chance for it.

3. Synergy
Synergy is, simply the teamwork or the coordination between the teams of the online companies.

4. Tweeps                                         
Twitter + People = Tweeps

5. Link Bait
It is designed specially to allure or attract the incoming links. News and widget hooks can be termed as the best examples of the link bait.

6. Traffic!
Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! 

Traffic refers to the visitors of any particular website and it is all that is
talked about these days.

7. Social Graph

The diagram of the interconnections between the people, with the people.

8. Vlogging
Not to be confused with “flogs”, which means fake blogs. Vlogging refers to video blogging. The contents of the blogs contain creative or any sort of videos.

9. Microblogging

The extreme short blog posts are popularly known as Micro blogging. Twitter can be termed as the best example of Micro blogging.

10. Podcast

An audio program in a compressed digital format, which is designed to be listened to over the web. 

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