Thursday, 19 July 2018


Each and every person born here has some sort of uniqueness or specialty. But everyone needs some changes in them along with when they grow. Grooming personality is very important in one’s life. For this you have to open up your close mindset and go with the flow of life. Trust me these changes will take you towards happiness and real livelihood.

Here are the tips how to groom yourself and develop your personality.

1.     Think Positive: The foremost habit that a person should build up inside him is positivity. When a person starts to take things positively, he will himself notice the change of enthusiasm and blissfulness. So never leave the path of positive thinking.

2.     Dress up well: Never underestimate the power of good dressing sense. Focus on how you dress up for different occasions. People always tend to notice those who dress up well according to the occasion. Focus on what to wear for office, parties, or for any other place.

3.     Body Language: Body language shows your emotions clearly. Hence you should know how to control your body language even when you are not feeling well or you are upset on anything. Focus on how you walk or move your hands while talking. Ask your friends if you need any improvement. Always keep your body straight because it shows your level of confidence. Always wear a smile on your face while talking to people because it tends to tempt people to listen to you more delicately.

4.     Improve your Social Skills: Your appearance alone will never help you to make people notice you. You have to be really good at communication. People will stay connected with you only if you have social skills. You should learn how to talk effectively. Try to have good and positive gestures or face expressions.

5.     Say ‘Hi’ to Failure: A good learner or dream chaser will never fear failure. He will never say ‘no’ to hard work and keep himself prepared for failures. Look, failure is part of life. Chasing something big will bring you some disappointments and various failures but when you will reach your goal, that happiness will be more than anything else in the world. Never forget that if you have never tasted failure, then definitely you have never tasted a real success.

If you want to have control on all the above things then you need to have training in communication. So cheer up, because there are many training centers in Delhi itself. So you can go for Mass Communication training in Delhi, where you will learn how to develop your personality. Also you can go for degree in mass communication, so again you need not to worry because there are many Mass Communication institutes in Delhi.  These institutes will help you in development of your personality in various ways.
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By- Sonam Gupta

Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Formal communication is communication which moves through pre-defined channels set by organizations. They are typically conveyed from top leadership to various departments that move towards lower level employees. This type of communication is very necessary to reach to the goal. This kind of communication focuses on sincere working of employees and the organization.

Communication can be in any form. The drift has taken place in communication styles also. It can be spoken, oral and even in sign language. But the common languages that are considered formal are the written type of communication. When it comes to language, it should never be friendly or show casualness. Either the communication is written or oral, it could be called formal only when the language will be proper and serious which ultimately seeks aim or purpose of the communication.

When it comes to business or corporate life, people tend to prefer formal communication so as to maintain seriousness in the work.
Informal communication is more relational than formal. It is not backed by any pre-determined channels and can happen anywhere and anytime within the organization. The primary goal of this messaging is to preserve and establish relationships with colleagues and superiors and subordinates. Since it is not defined by any channels, messaging moves a lot faster, but it is without any paper trail or official documentation.

Informal communication generally takes place between employees within the workplace, colleague or friends. Employees generally take help of informal communication when they don’t get the message of formal communication. ‘Grapevine communication’ is also considered as informal communication. But a fight has been seen between new studies where they argue that the informal communication comes with more cost. This type of communication follows no particular direction and so its flow is free. It is very friendly and quick. Casual talks, gossips etc are the best example of informal communication.

But though both formal and informal communications are very different in nature but both are equally important in various fields and in different occasions. Since communication plays a vital role in our life, so it is very necessary to know how to talk with different kinds of personalities. For this you will need to have a degree in mass communication. The reason behind this is that you will learn about how to deal with anxiety and fear. You will learn how to communicate fearlessly and confidently with anyone. You can learn the power of communication through this. And now, if you are confused where to go for communication course, No worry, there are lot of Mass Communication institutes in Delhi itself. And if you are confused how to find the best media school or best media college then again you need not to worry. All you need to do is search for Top Best Mass media institutes in Delhi or Mass Communication training in Delhi online. Doing this will help you get best institute of mass communication in Delhi. This way you can move towards your goal or destination.
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By- Sonam Gupta

Tuesday, 17 July 2018


When it comes to types of communication, people generally talk about verbal and nonverbal communication. In this process they usually forget that upward communication, downward communication and horizontal communication also exist. Along with verbal and nonverbal, upward, downward and horizontal communication are also very important whether it is a corporate sector or a family, or an education institute etc.

Today we are going to discuss about these three forms of communication. Let’s check out the points:

1.     Downward Communication:  Downward communication is the type of communication, which goes from top to bottom, which means the flow of communication go from superior person to inferior one. For Example, When Boss delivers some information for his employers then their goes a chain from superior to inferior. This means the flow of communication is downwards. It depicts the meaningful and effective interaction between two or more people which moves top to bottom.

2.     Upward Communication: Here the flow of communication moves from bottom to top. It is totally opposite to downward communication. When staff or employees communicate to their supervisors, managers and directors, this communication will take a form of chain which will move upwards. With the help of this kind of communication managers can get feedback from employees and then can communicate to their director or boss.

3.     Horizontal Communication: This kind of communication goes between the people of same level, position and rank. For example, when employees communicate with other employees then this flow of communication is called horizontal communication. Horizontal communication decreases the chances of misunderstandings between the people working on the same project.

Understating the nature of communication looks very simple but people fail in the same place where they think that they are best at communication and stops to learn more. If somebody is thinking to have a career in this field where they want to have a job of communication, then it is very necessary to have a degree in mass communication or journalism where he/she can get deep theoretical and practical knowledge of communication as a whole. The good thing is, you don’t have to run here and there for best media college because there are so many Mass Communication institutes in Delhi itself. Having a good knowledge of convincing communication power is very necessary and this is only possible when you will go for Mass Communication training in Delhi. Delhi provides best communication courses, you only need to put your extra efforts in finding the top best Mass media institutes in Delhi. After when you are done at your research you can definitely go for the best institute of mass communication in Delhi as per your choice.

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By-Sonam Gupta

Monday, 16 July 2018

How to Write a Good travelogue?

Travel blogging or writing has become quite popular these days. Since people love to travel, they seek for good information of various places to visit. Travel writing basically involves the information of different places including their specialty and other unique things. But writing a travelogue is not that simple. You need to have really good knowledge of the place you are going to write about.

People who love to travel are the one specially, who wants to become the travel writer. But this is fine at some extent. For becoming a travel writer you need to first have atleast a bachelor degree. And what could be best than having a degree of mass communication. If are not graduate or post graduate you can go for Mass Communication institutes in Delhi itself. Also you can search for top best Mass media institutes in Delhi or Mass Communication training in Delhi so as to make it easy for you to decide the best course and degree.

Here are the points through which you will know how to write a good travelogue:

1.     Proper research of the place: The first thing that you need to do is research about the place you want to write on. Having proper details of known and unknown facts is very necessary. So never give up on this point.

2.     Travel, travel and travel: Doing this job for a traveler is the easiest thing because they love to travel and along with that gather so many information that no one will ever have. It is said that practical knowledge is the best kind of knowledge, same applies here. So travel as much you can so as to get never ending experiences.

3.     Pictures speaks louder than words: When you think to write about a particular place, you really need to have very amazing and helpful pictures of that place so that people could get idea of that place.

4.     Never forget to mention the directions: Mentioning the various directions will help your readers or viewers in the best way to reach there. When you have good knowledge of directions only then you would be able to mention everything correctly.

5.     Name a few good Hotels and Restaurants: The first thing people search is hotels and eating places where they are going to visit. Always give or suggest them some really good hotels at different prices and some really good eating places.

6.     Highlight the Attractions of the place: If people ever look for details of the place they are thinking to visit, they tend to look for the various attractions of that place. This makes it very important to highlight the most attractive things and areas of that place.

Happy Learning!By- Sonam GuptaIAAN

Friday, 13 July 2018

Confused between Article and a Write-up?

Ever wondered, what is the difference between writing an article and a write-up? Normally, we face this kind of question a lot. What will be your answer generally who don’t understand the difference between both. It seems very minor thing but sometimes minor things turns out to be most tricky ones. No wonder they look same on reading and some would argue there is no difference at all but are very different in nature from each other.

Write-ups and articles are not new in the industry but create huge confusion among people. Writers have been creating articles from hundreds of years. Writing an article means you have got a report and then you have to write according to that. There are some rules and regulations which you have to follow while writing an article. Articles are formal in nature and so not deviate from the point. Articles are limited to just information, facts and figures what it actually is or has happened. Articles have nothing to do with the conversation.

When we talk about write-ups, they are totally different in nature from articles. Write-ups are less formal and are counted as a part of conversation. Unlike articles, writers of write-ups are totally allowed to talk according to their opinion on any topic or issue.  The only thing that a write-up cannot include is false information. One can mention their feelings and opinion clearly in their write-ups. That’s why write-ups have more chances to create arguments between two different persons with different opinion.

In modern times people generally attracts towards write-ups. Blog is one of the biggest form of example of write-up. Busy lives of people have changed the demand of content and information. But the most important thing is that if you really want to get in this field and want to become a professional writer then you need to first have a undergraduate degree in media or master degree in communication or journalism. And the good news is that there are bunch of Top Best Mass media institutes in Delhi itself. You can also search for Mass Communication institutes in Delhi or Mass Communication institutes in Delhi. This will make it easy for you to find a good best media school available out there. These schools and institutes will help you in your training where you will learn how to write your thoughts and create it in the form of content or write-up. Along with this you will also learn to write articles.

Happy Learning!
By-Sonam Gupta

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Media Convergence

When mass communication outlets like radio, television, print and internet emerges along with the portable and interactive technologies then it is called media convergence. You can also say that, it is the interconnection of information, communication and technologies like computer networks. The best example of media convergence is: Mobile phone or Cell phone.

These technologies help in producing and distributing information or news everywhere in seconds. But media convergence is not only an end result like a smartphone. Like I said above, it involves preparing, creating, producing and distributing the information.

The only thing that it has changed is the way of interchange of information and news. For example, these days we are going more towards smartphones or portable laptops and tabs because of their advancement and smartness. These portable devices have all features which can handle information creation, communication, information production and dissemination of that news or information as well.

The change in technology has made everything so simple and compact. People can watch shows online as if the time is not so far when television, radios and newspapers will be out outdated fashion. But understanding it is not that easy like it looks like. You really need know it by its depth. Half knowledge can never be satisfactory in this case.

People who are interested in information dissemination through media convergence then they need to get degree in communication or journalism. No worry, there are a lot of Mass Communication institutes in Delhi itself. You can search the top best mass media institutes in Delhi through internet. If you are keen interested in government colleges or institutes then you can search for Government approved mass media institute available out there. This will help you to get government based institutes. And if you want to take training in communication then you should search for Mass Communication training in Delhi. This way you can have undergraduate degree and post graduate degree as well.

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By- Sonam Gupta

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Qualities of a Good Reporter

A good reporter is someone who gathers information about incidents and prepares report of the same. He also report places of incidents and cover the issue in a very proper way. A good reporter knows well how to speak in public and how to connect people with him.

Well, there are number of qualities that a good reporter should posses but here we will talk about top 5 qualities.

1.     News Sense: The foremost thing that a good reporter should know is, ‘News Sense.’ As it is the basic thing to understand, he should know which situation can become a big news. He should know to work according to the news value.

2.     Confident:  A reporter is not good until and unless he is confident. It’s very simple to understand that if you are not confident then how would you face camera and public around you. To bring confidence in you, you need to first practice and practice. Taking a degree in mass communication will definitely help you. There are so many Mass Communication institutes in Delhi where you can build up confidence inside you. Also you can go for Mass Communication training in Delhi. With the help this you can get best training of mass communication or public speaking.

3.     Unbiased and clear expression: A good reporter is never biased towards any party or candidate. He speaks freely and fears no one. He says what is right and factual. As accuracy is very important, a good reporter first checks all the details properly and go through it again and again so as to avoid wrong details of anything.

4.     Good looking and presentable: A good reporter always keeps his eyes on his looks and presentation. He will dress up professionally.

5.     Mobility: A good reporter knows how to adjust according to the situation. He can speak on any topic frankly. He has ability to deal any kind of situation, any kind of public around him.

This is how you can become a good reporter. You really don’t have to worry. For the professionalism you can go for mass media courses through which can learn how to posses all these qualities and how to make yourself fit for this field. The only thing that you need to do is find a best institute of mass communication in Delhi itself.

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By- Sonam Gupta

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

How to become a Vlogger?

A vlog is an interactive video blog post about anything which looks needful for vlogger’s audience or any other activity a vlogger thinks is worth mentioning through a video. Few years back vlogging or video blogging came into existence and is the most creative and eye catching thing in the present scenario. Yesterday we discussed about what vlogging is, today you will get to know how you can become a successful vlogger.

Today, everybody is in habit of making videos and posting them on YouTube or Facebook so as to tempt people towards them. But how many of them according to you succeed? Only 10 out of 100 people manage to create that popularity and tempt a huge audience. Most people lack the knowledge of how to become a successful vlogger. For this you really don’t have to worry because there a lot of Undergraduate courses in mass communication in Delhi and top best mass media institutes in Delhi itself which provides best course in media. These courses will definitely help you to learn what you exactly need to. Along with this you will also get to learn about the various types of Vloggers like daily vloggers, weekly vloggers and occasional vloggers etc.

The following points will help you to know how to become a successful vlogger or video blogger:
1.     Create your strategy: Try to understand what kind of vlogging you want to do. Research and play according to your own choice. These people tend to do inspirational or motivational videos, beauty videos, fashion vlogs, shopping haul video, travel videos, food videos, videos related to health and career etc. Find out which type of vlogging you are thinking to do which would bring you huge number of audience to visit your vlogs and which would have a great impact on your audience.

2.      Learn to create, edit, and produce videos: If you know how to do all things by yourself, it will reduce your extra expenses. You will not need others for help and this is how the amount earned from the video will be all yours. Now for learning these things you can either go for short term classes, diploma or degree course in communication. For degree course you can go for Mass Communication institutes in Delhi where you can get the proper learning of vlogging and how to speak fluently and impressively for your videos.

3.     Consider your audience: Are you going to reach out for the younger audience or for adults? You can also go only for kids or only for women and only for men kinds of videos. Consider all these things before you start vlogging.

4.   Be yourself: The most important thing to understand for becoming a successful vlogger is, ‘BE YOURSELF.’ The more you are natural the more chances to attract audience. It is fact that you can be comfortable and good only if you be natural and not artificial.

5.     Connect people with your emotions: Audience seeks for connection and it is only possible when you will give your video an emotional touch. When you show your emotions towards anything, there will be a lot of people out there who would connect their emotions with yours and this is how you will become a good and successful vlogger.

Happy Learning!
By- Sonam

Monday, 9 July 2018

Want to be a Vlogger?

Today, each and every one has started to make their own Youtube Channel where they make videos and post as well. What make them do this? The first thing that pop up on our mind is ‘Fame’. But now the meaning has totally changed.  Everyone knows that they can make handsome money through these videos or through vlogging.

What is Vlogger?
You might have heard this word before. The concept is new in industry. The word is being used everywhere and by most of the people specially the young generation. The word is used for Video Blogger. If you did not know what vlogger is? This might have given you the idea of what it actually is. And if you are still confused, this blog will definitely help you knowing it in better way.

It has been few years since when vlogger is in the industry. But it is now richly tempting or catching attention of the industry. If you have completed your School and thinking to become a successful vlogger then you can go for Undergraduate courses in mass communication in Delhi itself. If you have done your bachelor course in media or in any other field then there are a lot of Best institute of mass communication in Delhi which provides many media courses which will also give you a deep learning of vloggong.

These top best Mass Media Institutes in Delhi will help you get what you want and will also show you the right pathway for your goal. These institutes will help you learn and practice the right way to write material for your video and how to choose the topic which would attract many eyes.

It is said that ‘Pictures speaks louder than words’.  This fits perfectly here with vlogging. Video Blogging is becoming very popular these days and this is the reason so many people are aiming to make their career in video blogging. But if you want to learn about this in a better ways then it is must to have degree in communication or journalism. Delhi is very popular for media courses and related jobs. What you need to do is, research as much as you can on Mass Communication institutes in Delhi. This will help you choose a better medium of learning things theoretically and practically. And you will see the result yourself eventually.

Happy learning!

By- Sonam

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Scope of Investigative Journalism

Investigative Journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters go in-depth to investigate a single story that may uncover corruption, review government policies or of corporate houses, or draw attention to social, economic, political or cultural trends.
An investigative journalist, or team of journalists, may spend months or years researching a single topic. Unlike conventional reporting, where reporters rely on materials supplied by the government, NGOs and other agencies, investigative reporting depends on material gathered through the reporter’s own initiative. The practice aims at exposing public matters that are otherwise concealed, either deliberately or accidentaly.

However, an investigative reporter is expected to dig deeper beyond the facts stated in the hard news. An investigative journalist sees himself as the conscience of society pursuing corruption in high places without fear or favor. 
The best kind of investigative reporting is that which keeps the public interest in mind. It may highlight an injustice, expose corrupt practices or unmask dishonest politicians and bureaucrats. Experience has been that unless an investigative reporter or a crusading reporter gets the support of the then judiciary, the executive or the legislature, he cannot bring his reports to a logical end.

A career in Investigative Journalism
When it comes to career then you have to first take the bachelor degree in mass communication or journalism. In this field you really need to learn the basics first so as to understand the importance of jobs of investigative journalists. In this case you can definitely take the help of Google and search for Undergraduate courses in mass communication in Delhi. This will help you in choosing the best option about the institute or college you should go for. And if you are already a Graduate then you need to take master degree in communication for advance learning. For this you can search on internet. Just go for the link Top Best Mass media institutes in Delhi or Mass Communication institutes in Delhi. With the help this you will be able to find best institute for you.

Even there are options for diploma course. If you want to go for those you can definitely search for such institutes, which provides such courses. There are some institutes available out there which are called Best institute of mass communication in Delhi. You only need to research for them properly.


Friday, 6 July 2018

Scope of Client Servicing

The client services manager is the ad agency executive who guides the campaign-building process. From client communications and work flow to budgets and billing, client services managers have many responsibilities. Client services managers connect an agency's creative efforts with advertisers’ needs, from leading a first meeting on a new account to researching media outlets for a campaign. 

Most client services managers start their careers as entry-level assistant account executives, learning the ropes with a shorter list of responsibilities on a limited number of accounts. But before this you have to go for graduation or master degree in media so as to learn the creativity process of working in this field. In this case you will definitely think which college to choose for the best client servicing course.

Before selecting any college you really need to research on it properly and find which place would be best for such field. As per the records in India Delhi has been really good in terms of media courses. You just need to go on Google and type Top Best Mass media institutes in Delhi. This will bring a list of top media colleges of Delhi. Along with this you can also type Mass Communication institutes in Delhi, through which you can get the best needed information available on internet.

There are many institutes which provide various specializes courses related to media. You can research and find Best institute of mass communication in Delhi. After, when you graduate or post graduate from your college you can start applying for Client servicing Jobs. Your college will also help you in getting a good job. College will play the role medium through which you will understand the true meaning of Client Servicing and its work process. The college will tell you how to enter into jobs for this.

It will not be surprising to know that there is no right answer and there are certainly no short cuts. The first few months are critical as you need to meet with all direct and indirect clients. Client Servicing Manager plays a critical role in satisfying clients and thus bringing repeat business.

  By- Sonam

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Communication for Development (C4D)

If you are looking for course details related to Communication for Development then you have a come to a right place. There has been a big confusion among the students regarding the study material and colleges that provide course related to Communication for Development. Firstly, clear your views about what the topic exactly talks about. Communication for Development (C4D) is a broad term that is used to refer all types of communication that need to take place in societies if sustainable democratic development is to occur.

Communication for development has always been seen as a way to raise voice, facilitate meaningful participation, and foster social change. It opens up the access to proper knowledge of exchange of information and dialogue. It involves understanding people, their beliefs and values, the social and cultural norms that shapes their lives. The process engages communities and listens to adults as well as children so as to identify their problems and find solutions for these problems further act upon them accordingly.

Now the question arises is: How to choose college or instate for such course? First of all know that if you want to have knowledge about this field then there are many mass media colleges. But Delhi is known as the hub of media and so you can definitely research about the top best mass media institutes in Delhi which will provide you education that you are endeavoring for.

If you are looking for under graduate courses for Communication for Development, then you can search for undergraduate courses in mass communication in Delhi. It will give you best result of what you are looking for. Many of the Mass Communication institutes in Delhi focus particularly on Courses related to Communication for Development. Thought you will find it being topics in some subjects but there are definitely some good institutes which provide full fledged separate course for Communication for Development.
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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Screenplay Writing

If you are thinking about a career as a screenwriter, you should possess strong writing talent, as well as creativity, patience, self-motivation, resiliency and an understanding of the filmmaking process. While no training is required in this field, many screenwriters pursue a degree or attend a training program in screenwriting. And for such courses you can also go for media courses. There are many top best media colleges in Delhi, India. You can check online for best information about these colleges.

If you are new to screenwriting, planning to write a screenplay or script of any kind, the good news is that writing in screenplay format is easier and more intuitive today than at any time. t any rate the making of movies is a collaborative process which demands that those in screenwriting produce a document in particular format, notation, and length called a 'script.'

Some philosophical writers have even thought about how we humans are one the mediums of stories. But all stories need a proper layout and a backbone. Without a proper structure, it will be just a few words piled up together.

Almost every serious film fan has at one time or another dreamt about writing a screenplay and seeing his words and ideas come to life on television and movie screens around the world. Lured by the power of the big screen, and by stories of all the fame, success, awards and big money that other screenwriters have achieved, these fans get seduced by the fantasy of cinema.

Screenwriters create the skeletal structure of the movie and provide the basic foundation, which is later imagined and intensified by putting it up on the storyboard and eventually on the film. Though an academic pathway is not required, a screenwriter needs to have a specific amount of knowledge, must do intense background study and create stories and characters that please the audience and give a real life effect. One needs a lot of experience in this area, either by binge watching other movies and noting the particular techniques that can be used or by developing their own methods. And if you go for media courses for learning screenplay writing and you are not interested in private institutes than there are many Government approved mass media institutes which have been really helpful in making future of many students.