Thursday, 12 July 2018

Media Convergence

When mass communication outlets like radio, television, print and internet emerges along with the portable and interactive technologies then it is called media convergence. You can also say that, it is the interconnection of information, communication and technologies like computer networks. The best example of media convergence is: Mobile phone or Cell phone.

These technologies help in producing and distributing information or news everywhere in seconds. But media convergence is not only an end result like a smartphone. Like I said above, it involves preparing, creating, producing and distributing the information.

The only thing that it has changed is the way of interchange of information and news. For example, these days we are going more towards smartphones or portable laptops and tabs because of their advancement and smartness. These portable devices have all features which can handle information creation, communication, information production and dissemination of that news or information as well.

The change in technology has made everything so simple and compact. People can watch shows online as if the time is not so far when television, radios and newspapers will be out outdated fashion. But understanding it is not that easy like it looks like. You really need know it by its depth. Half knowledge can never be satisfactory in this case.

People who are interested in information dissemination through media convergence then they need to get degree in communication or journalism. No worry, there are a lot of Mass Communication institutes in Delhi itself. You can search the top best mass media institutes in Delhi through internet. If you are keen interested in government colleges or institutes then you can search for Government approved mass media institute available out there. This will help you to get government based institutes. And if you want to take training in communication then you should search for Mass Communication training in Delhi. This way you can have undergraduate degree and post graduate degree as well.

Happy Learning!
By- Sonam Gupta

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