Friday, 13 July 2018

Confused between Article and a Write-up?

Ever wondered, what is the difference between writing an article and a write-up? Normally, we face this kind of question a lot. What will be your answer generally who don’t understand the difference between both. It seems very minor thing but sometimes minor things turns out to be most tricky ones. No wonder they look same on reading and some would argue there is no difference at all but are very different in nature from each other.

Write-ups and articles are not new in the industry but create huge confusion among people. Writers have been creating articles from hundreds of years. Writing an article means you have got a report and then you have to write according to that. There are some rules and regulations which you have to follow while writing an article. Articles are formal in nature and so not deviate from the point. Articles are limited to just information, facts and figures what it actually is or has happened. Articles have nothing to do with the conversation.

When we talk about write-ups, they are totally different in nature from articles. Write-ups are less formal and are counted as a part of conversation. Unlike articles, writers of write-ups are totally allowed to talk according to their opinion on any topic or issue.  The only thing that a write-up cannot include is false information. One can mention their feelings and opinion clearly in their write-ups. That’s why write-ups have more chances to create arguments between two different persons with different opinion.

In modern times people generally attracts towards write-ups. Blog is one of the biggest form of example of write-up. Busy lives of people have changed the demand of content and information. But the most important thing is that if you really want to get in this field and want to become a professional writer then you need to first have a undergraduate degree in media or master degree in communication or journalism. And the good news is that there are bunch of Top Best Mass media institutes in Delhi itself. You can also search for Mass Communication institutes in Delhi or Mass Communication institutes in Delhi. This will make it easy for you to find a good best media school available out there. These schools and institutes will help you in your training where you will learn how to write your thoughts and create it in the form of content or write-up. Along with this you will also learn to write articles.

Happy Learning!
By-Sonam Gupta

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