Saturday, 23 July 2016

Top 5 Hindi News Channels in India

1. India TV

Owned by Rajat Kapoor, class mate of Arun Jaitley and one of the oldest name in Indian Journalism. India TV is famous for its sensationalized way of reporting.

2. Aaj Tak
With Second Highest rating this week Aaj Tak took second spot in Top 5 Hindi News Channel list.

3. ABP News

Previously it was Star News but later acquired by ABP group. ABP group is famous for print journalism and brought that experience in this channel.
4. NDTV India
You can say that this is least sensationalized Hindi News Channel in India. Watch it for some serious reporting and discussions.

5.  India News

Launched in 2008, it is owned and Operated by ITV Network. Credible and Popular Journalist Deepak Chaurasia joined India News in the capacity of Editor-in-Chief. Channel’s Motto is “Desh Ki Dhadkan”.

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