Friday, 6 April 2018

Do you know the power of your mind?

You feed it with faith and then it feeds you with the same thought which plays role and reflection in your deeds. I think it's time that we give efforts in developing our character as an individual. Every human being is authentic in his own life but we are ignorant to few things. 

That nice outfit you bought and that makeup you wear is going to get off as the day ends. Your happiness attached to it is temporary. Those who fall 7 times and get up 8 times are always the people who know to build success. They know when and where to apply courage, have strength and listen to deep conscious  Passion is just a word until you start feeling it. So take a deep breath and test your skills and interest. Go for the best possible way of your life to fulfil your wishes. 

Stop living for the peer group and start living for yourself. Stop wearing makeup because you might get judged for your skin. Heart and conscious are more influencing than pretty looks. Anyone can be eye candy but only a few know to be soul food. 

Desire more for what you desire and yet respect the desires of your closed ones. Peace comes with people in room being happy, which in turn makes you happy. 

So get your father a new watch or wallet, cook a meal for your mother instead of the other way round, and feel the true love; the happiness and the new positive thoughts; the right message to your consciousness.

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