Saturday, 29 April 2017

Smile: Why is it important?

...not just because it hides your pain but because it gives a reason to others to smile as well. Yes, problems exist everywhere, in everyone’s life. You may say that it is not possible to smile all the time. You are sad sometimes so you just are but don’t let that sadness occupy you. Don’t let that sad expression be your trademark. Don’t let people say that he/she is always sulky. It is good to be yourself but it is important to note down those negative drawbacks in your personality and exchange them with nature for a better thing. You cannot be sad with everything around you. There are so many things to cherish. I am sure, if you look around, you will find something exciting within your diameter. If you don’t find it in human beings, you will find it in pets, go get that cute pup. Even if that doesn’t work, there is environment, the vast environment. Look at the beauty of leaves falling from tress. Look at the flowers blooming on branches, smile at them and you will find them smiling back to you. Be at college, be at home, be at workplace, wear your smile, wear your positivity. Be a reason for spreading smile and not for someone’s frown wondering about your sulky face.

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