Monday, 8 May 2017

The PP rule: Practice Positivity

Whenever we have to take a decision or we are about to get the result of something, our mind is always anxious. It is always occupied with mixed thoughts. We wish to get the best favorable thing to us but there is always a negative doubt attached to it that actually causes big damages. It is true that the negativity flows more than positivity in the Universe and a single negative doubt is stronger than 10 positive thoughts.

I, once, read somewhere the benefits of thinking positive. I was impressed and decided to do so. However, it is always difficult to avoid conflicting thoughts, I started trying to lead my mind towards positive thoughts and shoo away all kind of negativity. Yes, I tried my best but at the end, what I got was disheartening. I always felt that what eventually happens is always opposite to what I lead my mind to think. I observed this trend for a period of time and I believed that I was absolutely correct. I always thought positive but always the opposite negative happened. Then, on one occasion I decided to think more of what I didn’t want to happen and believe me, what happened was actually what I wanted to happen.

I was sure that whatever results I will get will always be opposite to what I lead my mind to think but then only the process took a U-turn. Now, what started happening was exactly what I focused on and it was all unwanted. I was in trouble, why was this happening? I tried to figure out the reason behind this and after experimenting with my thoughts for few days, I realized that the practice of focusing on one single thought has finally helped me to remove all the thoughts except one. All the conflicting thoughts vanished and now the things were happening exactly the way I was thinking.
The moral of the story is, it is really difficult to focus purely on positivity but trust me, practice is the solution to everything.

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