Sunday, 22 October 2017

Event Management : An emerging field in the list of best career choices!

Do you feel you are creative and are hounded by innumerous career choices?
Want to take up an off-beat career and grow your way up the ladder?
Tired of serving others and want to become your own boss?

The answer to all the questions can be found in the emerging need of Event Management professionals in the industry. The field of Event Management is seeing a successful growth by at least 20% annually. Today, events have become an integral part of an individual’s life. From college fests to movie promotions; from exhibitions to store inaugurations; all are curated and executed by the event managers who work relentlessly behind-the-scenes of each and every event. Apart from theoretical knowledge and understanding of case studies, an event manager needs to have the qualities of thinking-out-of –the –box ideas, practical planning of the events, resource and finance management, communication and leadership skills.
If you have some of these skills in you which can be honed further in the right direction; then here are 4 reasons why event management is an upcoming career option in your life and how IAAN can help you in this journey of your dreams.

1. It is competitive yet rewarding
As one of the emerging off -beat careers, it is extremely rewarding; provided you know the tricks and trade of surviving in the competitive market. Due to the sheer number of events which occur every year all over the country, basic public relation firms have encroached in this territory. However, the agenda of event management and public relations are different from each other. IAAN enhances event managerial skills through the various courses that it offers and provides extensive hands-on training so that you learn directly through practical assignments and experiments on the job throughout your course curriculum with the organisation. This helps in producing professionals who are especially skilled to take on any challenges thrown in their way, in this field.

2. The job market is less saturated.
Usually after having appeared for your school leaving examinations, you often opt for various courses like engineering, medical, law, humanities and some non –traditional courses like fashion, interiors etc. But these courses have a saturated market in India, making it extremely difficult and competitive to find employment in these avenues. Event management, apart from being a non- traditional career option, also has demands in the market for qualified personnel’s to enter the field. IAAN School of Mass Communication takes the advantage of the skilled personnel vacuum in the industry and trains its candidates to live up to the industrial demands of their job.
3. Not many institutions offer a holistic event management course.
One of the reasons why event management is a less explored field of study, is because of the lack of institutions that offer suitable courses to the candidates, meeting the needs of the industry .IAAN is one of the few institutions which offers full-time Courses relating with Event Management with detailed, wholesome learning & encourages its students to be a thinker, be brand solutions manager and be able to create their own event properties.
This includes courses like – BAMC, BMEFT, MAMC, UGD, PGD & Other specialized Diplomas etc. The training is designed in such details that students, while pursuing their course, curate their own events and social initiatives.

4. You can put to use your learning and experience and establish your own start-up or get placed.
Entrepreneurship and establishing your own start-ups is on the rise in contemporary India. Most of these start-ups are owned by college –goers or those who have recently graduated. Working in your own firm and laying down the rules of work is now being considered as one of the best application of the knowledge acquired by you through studies. Thus, setting up your own event management firms is also an emerging trend in this industry.
With the holistic approach of the course curriculum that IAAN provides to its students, they produce successful batches of graduating students. Further, with industry experts coming in to take your classes, you are not only getting exposure to the real scenario but also building contacts in the field. Event Management is one of those fields where you need to have a strong contact base. This would eventually help you to learn more and rise up the ladder. IAAN not only makes you academically and practically fit to take on any challenges in the field but also counsels you to take the right decisions for yourself so as to have a successful career in the future.One of the game changers and a gateway to the event management market is IAAN School of Mass Communication, New Delhi. IAAN has been training students directly under the industry heads to give them maximum exposure in this field. It offers Graduation, Post Graduation, diploma and advanced certificate courses in the relative field. Its integrated curriculum not only includes lectures and internships but also gives ample scope to the students to brainstorm ideas and come up with creative events that are designed and executed by the batch under the mentorship of the Academy guides and industry experts.

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