Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Be True

Transparency teaches you acceptance of yourself. Not everyone is courageous to be open and clear with themselves, but perhaps you are?

You may never know unless you give it a try. The people who learn to be true to themselves set high principles in life. Being ambitious is a much valued quality, yet it comes to self correction. Some achievements in life are left wanting only because self correction was not done when much required. It was neglected and an excuse was always ready, owing to a belief that it's okay to do what everyone else does. 

Clarity in life is necessary, but clarity in the heart is healthy for one's own self. Mistakes always make us feel guilty and in order to move on to new opportunities to one has to be honest enough. The person who has a clear and pure heart, will definitely have a better quality performance through their lives, in events big and small, because they know how to present a positive attitude.

Be true to yourself. If today you accept your flaws or your mistakes, and everyone has flaws and mistakes, you will take a step towards improving your persona and will become a much better human being. It will be a step in self development. 

When one makes a mistake and it come out in from of everyone, a feeling of shame overtakes us. Still, it is on us to make of the situation what we will. Whether you latch onto the humiliation and make it the centre of your universe, or you learn acceptance off yourself and of the mistake, and move forward as a responsible person. 

After acceptance of a fault, of which I myself have many, you realise that you are much stronger than earlier. Acceptance gives us the courage to be self independent in order to face people who wrong you. With acceptance, self independence grows with time as you work on yourself. Just as you sow a seed, and nurture a plant until it starts bearing fruits.  

Remember that we all are growing as humans, and acceptance gives us the power we require to grow. And that power comes from within, from the fact that you are at peace with yourself and are true to who you are. 

The power to accept oneself, is perhaps the greatest power we have. It is, the greatest power I know.

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