Monday, 22 January 2018

Do you know which the top 5 film cities of India are?

Over the past decades, India has seen a rise in the creative talent, which is most utilised in films. Though Bollywood is what makes Indian film industry popular to the world, the other regional film industries too have kept their standards high. Film shooting is one of the major areas of film production. The shooting locations are carefully chosen to match the requirements of the project and the budget. When some of the replicas are created for high budget films, many of them still depend on film cities that offer varieties of readily available shooting sets. India has a number of film cities that are worth visiting. IAAN Blog has listed the top film cities in India for you!

1. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is world's largest integrated film city. The spellbinding film studio complex is a place where films are shot extensively through the year. Millions of tourists and travellers visit this vast space to enjoy the marvellous sights of the film city. Some of the major attractions here include lush green gardens, world-class movie sets and structures like a hospital, police headquarters, model of Taj Mahal, a dummy airport, etc. It is nothing less than a visual treat. You may need two days to fully experience the whole film city, though one day tours are also not rare here.

2. Mumbai Film City, Mumbai

The Mumbai Film City or Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari, is one of the most visited film cities in India. Since it was founded in 1911, it has been wildly utilised for Bollywood and other films as well. The film city is equipped with modern amenities and tools required for filmmaking. The manmade structures include fake mountains, fountains, lakes, cities, villages among the rest that can be hardly differentiated from the real ones. A day tour around the film city is worth it.

3. Innovative Film City, Bengaluru

Located on the outskirts of the city of Bengaluru, Innovate Film City is a tourist attraction that is worth a visit. The various segments inside the film city include Cartoon City, Aqua Kingdom, Dino Park, Mini Golf, Petting Zoo, Haunted Mansion, Innovative Talkies and Mirror Maze. This film city has a number of museums like Fossil Museum, Wax Museum, Tribal Museum and Oddities Museum. Visitors can try various adventure activities like bungee jumping, archery, bull riding and net cricket.

4. Noida Film City, Noida

Located in Noida close to Delhi, the Noida Film City is one of the major attractions of the city. Spread across 100 acres of land, this film city has been a venue for many Bollywood films, TV serials, ad films and other shows aired on various TV channels.

5. MGR Film City, Chennai

Built in 1994, MGR film city is visited by filmmmakers are tourists alike. This film city has various sets that can be used for films. Replicas of cities and villages, church, lake, temple, mosque, post office, etc. are attractions of the film city.

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