Monday, 1 January 2018

Social Media Marketing: Career Wave of the Future!!!

One of the hottest career trends for today's young marketing major is the often-underappreciated yet up-and-coming role of business social media strategist. Today's organizations are recognizing the need to bring a new crop of bright, energetic young social media marketers on board to handle their social media campaigns. Why? Because busy business owners and managers understand that they need to infuse their marketing efforts with fresh, bold, workable ideas.
The sharpest businesspeople instinctively know they need to embrace the fiercely innovative approach that technically savvy digital natives bring to the table. They understand that the boundless enthusiasm, straight-ahead passion, and out-of-the-box thinking they need for designing a creative and successful social media strategy will most likely come from today's perpetually digitally connected social marketing guys. By pumping this "new blood" into their organizations to maximize the effectiveness of their social media campaigns, smart business leaders are telling the world that social media are both the heart and the future of marketing.
According to a survey done by Google, the four top media for direct marketing in 2017 included e-mail, search (SEO/SEM), social media, and direct mail. The survey also covers plans for social media spending and indicates that 57 percent of responding business owners' marketing plans included increased social media spending in 2017. A negligible 3.3 percent planned to decrease social media engagement, while 28.5 percent planned to keep it the same. Essentially, these survey results demonstrate that an overwhelming majority (85.5 percent) of businesses surveyed planned to either maintain or increase their social media budgets in 2017. Another interesting indicator the survey reveals about the popularity of social media for business is the relatively insignificant segment of polled businesses that were not using social media for marketing: just 11.2 percent.
The simple fact is that the role of social media in marketing is expanding. Online networking is grabbing a consistently increasing portion of the average company's budget and gaining ever greater significance in the company's marketing mix. The business leaders who are savvy enough to create a plan that lets talent and training intersect with opportunity will be the ones who come out ahead and so will the social media specialists they hire to implement their plans.

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