Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How Media today is effecting the social scenarios, changing its traditional aspects!

The media today has become a two way mode of communication. Gone are the days when a newsreader would merely read out from the teleprompter, give the main headlines and leave! Today, trends like Citizen Journalism have entered the public sphere.

THE MEDIA has over the years undergone a series of changes. From just informing and spreading awareness, the media has adopted various tools and techniques that have contributed towards bringing a positive change in society. From sting operations to phone tapping, investigative journalism is perhaps the first step taken by the media in the direction of breaking free from old and traditional journalistic values.

The Nira Radia controversy was one of the biggest scams that shook the media world. The tapes were made open for public view for the first time by a leading magazine. The tapes revealed some shocking instances of the media world. Involving some of the biggest names in the media and corporate world, Radia was accused of lobbying with big industrialists.

Another milestone achieved by the media was the revelation of the Commonwealth Games scam. In a shocking revelation by an English daily, it was revealed that the CWG budgetsheet stated that major instruments were bought after paying hefty amounts to international companies but in reality those machines were bought from a small firm in Ghaziabad.

The media has also played a significant role in speedy trials of numerous cases, one of them being the Jessica Lal murder case. Inspite of the influence of major power holders and big politicians, the case was transferred to fast track court and the murderers of Jessica were put behind the bars, all as a result of a major uprising and mass awareness generated by the media itself.

The Aarushi murder case is a recent example, highlighting the role of media. The case got the whole nation glued to their TV screens, watching in anticipation all the drama unfold. Since the beginning of the case the media has kept a strict vigil on the proceedings of the case. From registering the case to the court’s judgement and the filing of the closure report the media got every bit of news related to the case. Constant follow ups and discussion with a panel of crime experts have been some of the efforts made by the media to nail the accused.

Today, trends like Citizen Journalism have entered the public sphere. It gives the public and the masses the opportunity to publicise their views, opinions, thoughts and beliefs. It has made news broadcasting interactive and participative. Various news channels have started chat shows, debates and discussions that give the common man an insight into the working of media channels and also give them a chance to explore their abilities and powers.

While there have been many positive aspects of the media and its working practices, it has certain negatives too. Sensationalism and exaggeration have become a part and parcel of news broadcast. Various issues that have very little or rather, no importance are classified as breaking news and shown at prime time slot. Be it the Shahrukh- Salman fiasco, or Deepika-Ranbir romance or Kareena’s size zero phenomena, the media can’t get enough of Bollywood celebrities.

Astrology is another issue the media is ‘obsessed’ with. Today, almost every news channel has its own gurujis and mahatamas who give their suggestions on every topic and issue ranging from bad hair days to tackling of one’s regular day-to-day expenses. Raashi phal and upcoming eclipses are another topic of conversation. These discussions are accompanied by ear-deafening music and dramatic visuals that add to the drama and excitement of the show. Needless to say, people actually believe such information without using their own sense of judgement and religiously follow such shows.

Such attempts by the media raise questions on media’s credibility and bring down its hard earned reputation. One begins to doubt the authenticity of the particular media organisation, pointing a finger towards the journalist’s creativity.

News channels today function on the same lines. What is news on one channel is quickly copied and followed up by another rival channel in order to grasp greater target rating points (TRPs). Therefore, there needs to be a string of self regulated institutions that review and watch over the content before being published from time to time. Also a different time slot should be awarded to soft news, keeping the prime time slot vacant for important news items like politics, current affairs and international issues. Also various programmes should be started focusing on scientific and technological developments across the world.

Whatever goes but its definite that Media today has started effecting the social scenarios alot, changing its traditional aspects! Its interesting to watch its future in coming days changing more trends of it, we will keep updating. Stay tuned!

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