Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Role of Communication in our society

Society can be defined as a large group of people who live together and share their ideas and work don with others. We also call a country as a society. And the development of the society is not possible without communication. Communication brings people closer. Communication beautifies the social environment.

 The relationship between the communication and the human society is immense. They have achieved a huge growth during their long partnership. Humans simply could not achieve this kind of development and growth without the existence of communication. Communication plays a vital role in educating the society. It helps in exchange of information, goods and services, ideas and responsibility. The channel of communication can vary from one to other like in person, television, radio, newspaper, internet etc.

When a child takes birth it is communication that helps in the growth of that child. It helps him develop in good environment that connects him with love and care which means there is dialogue exchange in the family or between individuals. Communication connects people and helps them to have better understanding for each other. It helps find solution for even the worst situation or the worst conflict. Communication shows you hope.

If you don’t communicate with people that means you will lose the power to open up yourself and talk effectively which will eventually create feeling of fear inside you. That’s why it is very necessary to have communication.
In our daily life, by well communicating, you can make many friends or build better relationship with your friends or family. You are a good communicator when you can fluently sharing your thoughts, information and your ideas with others. Communication is the method to spread awareness among people related to different issues.

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