Friday, 3 August 2018


As a job seeker there is always a fear of what kind of interview will they face for their job offer. This fear is genuine because nobody knows if it will be a group discussion or with one interviewer. You can expect to have a number of interviews before getting a job offer. Not all of these interviews will be the traditional kind. Every employer has their own style of asking questions in a interview. But if you know how many types of interviews are there then you can prepare for each of them earlier. This will definitely help you in coping up with the fear of interview.

Here are the most important and common types of interview, not so many people know about:

1.     Telephonic Interview: Many a time companies make a call for telephonic interview before they call you for face to face interview. The good thing about this kind of interview is that, if your answers are impressive then the company may also directly call you for joining. 

2.     Face to face Interview: Face to face interview happens between one or two interviewer and the interviewee in person. This is the most common type of interview.

3.     Structured Interview: This type of interview is basically known as ‘Ice-Breaker’ because the questions asked are very general in nature. The interviewer will start the interview by asking about the weather and other less serious questions before starting more serious questions.

4.     Unstructured Interview: This kind of interview generally involves casual and friendly questions. For example, interviewer will ask about your hobbies, strengths, qualifications etc. Here you need to behave very formal or serious. But never overdo anything. Be casual but professionally.

5.     Panel Discussion: Panel discussion involves many interviewers along with one chairperson. They ask questions one by one.

6.     Group Discussion: This type of interview includes more than one interviewer at once. They all are asked same questions and the quality of their answers decides who will get the job.

If you want to have control on all the above things then you need to have training in communication. So cheer up, because there are many training centers in Delhi itself. You can go for Mass Communication training in Delhi, where you will learn how to face different types of interviews. Also you can go for degree in mass communication, so again you need not to worry because there are many Mass Communication institutes in Delhi. These institutes will help you in learning, what type of questions are asked in interviews and how can you impress the interviewer. But the most important thing is to get the Best course in Media or the best institute of mass communication in Delhi. This will help you to get

Happy learning!
By- Sonam Gupta

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