Thursday, 16 August 2018

Reasons why both Hindi and English languages are important in News Industry

You may have normally heard that for journalism it is important to have strong command over that language through which you want to continue the journalism field. But there are only few understand that in this field having a command over both the languages is important.

If you know one language properly but you are very weak at the other, there are chances of facing major language problems while working. You never know if the feed will be sent in Hindi or English to you by a news agency. Here it is very necessary know understand and translate the feed in the needed language.

When your work is good, your boss may anytime ask you to cover events in foreign. What will you do in that case if you don’t have command over English language? There you will face the hurdle in your growth and success. At that point you will only regret that, “Ah! Why did I never think to learn both the languages properly?” Absolutely no one wants to face such situations so you better start learning both the languages properly and a have a good command within your college years if you want to have a career in Journalism or mass communication.

Since communication plays a vital role in our life, so it is very necessary to know how to communicate in different languages. For this you will need to have a degree in mass communication. The reason behind this is that you will learn about how to deal with anxiety and fear. You will learn how to communicate fearlessly and confidently with anyone. You can learn the power of communication through this.

If you are confused where to go for communication course, No worry, there are lot of Mass Communication institutes in Delhi itself. And if you are confused how to find the best media school or best media college then again you need not to worry. All you need to do is search for top best Mass media institutes in Delhi or Mass Communication training in Delhi online. Doing this will help you get best institute of mass communication in Delhi. In these institutes you can have a good command over both Hindi and English by practicing work in both the languages continuously in your college years.

Happy learning!

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