Monday, 20 August 2018

Presentation Skills

Information is a key to any conversation and how you present it is more important in case you want your audience to not loose attention. Connection with the audience is very important part of any presentation. If you know how to deliver your idea to your audience in a clear way then you would be able connect your audience.

If you don’t know how to communicate your idea properly and you want to learn it from the books then fix it in your mind that you can never learn how to present your thoughts clearly. For this you need to follow the below rules to be become a good presenter:

1.     Remember speaking in public is a skill not an inbuilt talent. Only few people are naturally bold to express their thought, while others need to work really hard to become a good presenter. Telling information is quite easy but telling it in smart and expressive way is something which you will need to learn. For this you will have to practice through talking to people as much as you can. But your conversation should be in the form of some information and not the gossip.

2.       The first thing that you need to do is decide your topic and research for it as much as you can and gain important information. Collecting more and more information will help you to understand your topic in a better way.

3.     Never ever forget to make points about your information that you are going to present in front of the public. When you have the points you want to talk about with your audience, this will help you to talk continuously about that topic without any hurdle or problem.

4.     When you are ready for the presentation make sure you are making contact with your audience. Making eye contact will stop you’re your audience from losing interest.

5.     At the end of your presentation don’t forget to ask questions from them. Also give them a chance to clear their confusion with you if they have any.  And when they are all done ask them to give the true feedback about your presentation. This will help you to improve where you are lacking.

Talking about the presentation skills in terms of the career then you will have to make sure that you take degree in Bachelors or masters in media. Media institutes will guide you to become a good presenter. For this there are multiple institutes and training centers of media in Delhi itself. You can search for Mass Communication institutes in Delhi or Journalism and Mass Communication colleges in Delhi on internet. You can visit websites of various institutes with the help of those links on internet. This way you can find best institute of mass communication in Delhi. You can contact different colleges and ask about the best course in Media. As per the data or information you will receive, you can decide which h is the best media college available in Delhi.

Happy learning!
By- Sonam Gupa

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