Saturday, 2 June 2018

Scope of Radio

Radio is the wireless Transmissions of signals through free space by electromagnetic of a Frequency significantly below that of Visible Light. On Radio you may be reaching out to a mass audience, but you are actually speaking to one person…it is a very personal medium and especially so with the proliferation of personal devices like the mobile, portable music players etc. Radio is also a passive medium; hence you can consume it while doing your regular chores. The RJ plays an important role since he/she develops a personalized relationship with the listener.
One of the biggest differences is that Radio is a completely local medium and hence the ability to tailor, makes content meets local tastes, which is not feasible with television. The turnaround time is less and hence the need to limit yourself is also less.
A Radio presence takes time to build, and it needs considerable amount of hard work and patience. With the internet radio, the world is your audience, so think of what would you talk about.

If we talk about advantages, it’s a step or two ahead in term of accessibility. There are remote areas or impoverished people for whom electricity, cable connection, satellite TV, or simply to afford TV is far-fetched dream. Here radio earns an extra brownie point. Only battery cells would be fine to turn it on. Radio set is very cheap. On the top of it, there are no recurring charges in form of monthly subscription.
Radio remains accessible when other modes of communication go down in emergencies. As millions of us evacuated our homes and offices during the shocking earthquake, we fruitlessly attempted to use our smart phones to reach out to loved ones and find out exactly what had happened.
Radio advertising is relatively cheap compared to print or television. Production costs are lower. you can rent a cabin sound for a couple of hours to make an announcement passable through the radio. You also have to pay less for advertising time to reach the same number of people as you would with a TV or print ad.

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